About the Comics Anthology

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities anthology series exploring the paranormal lore of the
Cincinnati region. The stories range from hauntings and cryptids to urban legends retold by Cincinnati and Tri-state local artists and writers.

A new issue is published each year, coming out in October around Halloween. If that isn’t enough creepy creatures and weird history for you, check out our sister-podcast the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Hometown Haunts Podcast which updates Wednesdays at midnight. It is hosted by the anthologies leading ladies, Christina Wald and Kat Klockow, plus Jen Kohler our researcher!

Submissions Open Soon! 

Story submissions for Issue #3 of the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities opens January 19, 2022! Head over to our submissions page to see guidelines and deadline information. 

Featured Stories in Issue #2: Trails, Trains, and Terror



The Crosswick Monster: Written by Aziza and illustrated by INKY

Cryptids Together Written and Illustrated by Steve Stegelin

Specters of the Sorg: Written and Illustrated by Kat Klockow

The Curious Tale of the Price Hill Medium and the Invention of the Magic 8-Ball Written Jeff Suess and Illustrated by Christina Wald

The Gazette Ghost Written and Illustrated by Kevin Necessary

The Screaming Bridge at Maud Hughes Road: Written and Illustrated by Thomas O. Miller

Cover Art by David Michael Beck



Issue #2 Kickstarter!

Our second Kickstarter of the series launches October 4, 2021 and runs until midnight November 3rd. 

This year’s offerings of stories prove to be as spine-tingling and astonishing as last year’s, with new and returning Tri-State artists.
Some stories are personal encounters such as the specters at the Sorg Opera House and the ethereal editor of the Chillicothe
Gazette. The weird side of the Queen City is highlighted with the urban legend of the Screaming Bridge at Maud Hughes Road
who haunts these pages with its dark apparitions, while the weird history is highlighted with the Magic 8-ball and its connection to
Price Hill Medium Laura Pruden. Finally, the anthology holds fantastical takes on the strange snake creature who stalked the
citizens of Crosswick. 
Our goal with this yearly anthology series is to shine a spotlight on the superb local talents of Tri-State area artists.

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Meet the Artists & Writers 

The entire team of Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue #1 lives and works around the Tri-State region. 

Christina Wald

Product Management

Podcast Producer 

Christina Wald has always liked the strange and unusual because she IS strange and unusual. She has illustrated over 60 books for children in addition to countless games, toys, gifts, and almost anything one can put art on. She has a weekly webcomic called Embrace the Crone.

She is convinced they have a poltergeist in their house family members call Peeves. One night, in the middle of the night, they woke to the cat hissing when the ceiling fan turned on by itself even though all were sleeping. There have also heard unexplained footsteps, unseen forces setting off the security system, and had small batteries explode.

Kat Klockow


Podcast Host 

Legend has it that if you chant her name three times in front of a mirror, a mug of coffee will appear before you. Others have seen her stalking the foggy streets of town in search of the perfect 

brew. Kat Klockow (Cabinet of Curiosities Editor) is the creator of the 

graphic novels Witches & Sorcerers and Miss Grey with RedCat Comics for Line WEBTOON. She is also the author of two haunted history books; Ohio’s Haunted Crimes and Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University with Schiffer Publishing. An ardent lover of the strange and spooky, she is a graduate of Indiana University and Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.

Tim Fuller

Art Director 

Growing up in an unsettled house has given Tim Fuller a unique perspective on the paranormal. By nature a sceptic, Tim cannot discount the odd events he experienced as a child. He grew up in a large older house. Moving from room to room, he would find his mood would abruptly shift from happy to melancholy to fear. In particular the rooms in the basement caused a complete panic. Tim passed it off as childhood fears. But when he inherited the house as an adult and moved back in after college, the old feelings persisted. Especially when he tried to set up an art studio in the basement. Working late at night he felt he was always being watched. There were unexplained noises, objects would be gone from where they were laid down, only to turn up in other rooms. And Tim’s dog was constantly reacting to things that could not be seen. She would wake from a sound sleep and quickly leave the room. It was only after he sold the house that Tim learned that a woman had hung herself in the room he’d tried to use as a studio. Since then he has maintained a healthy respect for the paranormal.

Rodney Fyke

Artist& Writer 

Rodney Fyke is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He’s been working on and off in Independent comics since the early 90s. His art style varies from highly detailed illustrations to cartoony drawings.  His published comics projects include The Superior Seven, Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly, Pitter Patter, Unchained and Roadkill Rampage. Since hearing tales as a child of family encounters with the “The Greys,” Rodney has always possessed a strong interest in the paranormal and the unknown. Several ghost encounters as a young adult cemented the fascination in the field and he has spent many a night wondering, researching, and creating fantastical tales of wonderment drawn from his numerous experiences.

Jay B. Kalagayan


Jay B. Kalagayan (MeSseD creator, writer and publisher) has been an annoyingly consistent entrepreneur and arts advocate in Cincinnati for more than twenty years. A Xavier University graduate from Erie, PA, Jay is founder of Know Theatre of Cincinnati and a co-founder of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. He is a writer of plays, cartoon strips, reviews, articles, marketing collateral, fundraising appeals, and geeky event calendars. His major influences are his wife Jan and daughters Meggie and Fi.

Gordon Dunn


Dylan Speeg **(MeSseD illustrator) was born in Cincinnati in 1971 in which he has lived his entire life. He attended The Art Academy of Cincinnati in the early 90s and has worked as a portrait painter and illustrator ever since. He is also a musician in the band Heavy Hinges. His major influences are lurid pulp novel covers and Robert Williams, R. Crumb and other comic book artists. His spray paint stenciled illustrations for The CityBeat “Best Of Cincinnati” issue received the Best Illustrated Series Award from the Cleveland Press Club. He likes to use his home town Cincinnati and the people he knows as subject matter. He works nights as a bartender and performs standup comedy on occasion.

Brandon Wagner

Artist & Writer 

Brandon Wagner: Ancient stories speak of a creature that dwells in the lower levels of its home, only coming up to feed and participate in light social activity before returning to its lair of darkness. Local Cincinnatian Brandon Wagner was thought to be one of these monsters, but it was revealed he was just a cartoonist, writer and illustrator, and understands how that could be confusing. Brandon’s first published work was the webcomic PigQuest found on Tapas.io, and is currently working on his first physical comic book: The Good Knights.

Thomas O. Miller

Cover Artist

Local science fiction and fantasy artist, you can find more of Tom’s work at https://atomicart.com/

Eamon Hill

Back Cover Artist

A tattooer and cartoonist located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his wife Lish Crossland-Hill, comprise Pigbone Comics; the studio responsible for the gothic horror-western Arcana Vaquero. In addition to providing the art for Arcana, Eamon is also the artist on Roadkill Rampage, as well as a handful of other comic projects. Follow @eamonhilltattoos and @pigbonecomics to see more of his work. Look for him @brandonwagnercomics on Instagram.