Share Your Story

We are currently closed for story proposals from single  but  will be opening those in January of 2022.

What We’re Looking For: 

  • A proposal about one of the selected stories for issue #3: TBD
  • Proposal should be for a comic 3-7 pages in length and include a synopsis, description of the story, character breakdown, details, outline, and rough art.
  • Detailed thumbnails and/or layouts will worked on after proposal is accepted.
  • PDF format

Deadline is to be announced

All artists/writers and teams will be paid for their work in the anthology. 


Application form

Pin Up Artists 

We feature local artists who are interested in sharing their talents to illustrate local creatures of lore in single page pin-ups. These are offered as Kickstarter tiers and included in the anthology as a stretch goal. 

Artists are paid for their work in the anthology. 

Submissions for pin-ups will open shortly. 

Applications open soon